On November 2nd 2019          

Led by Arizona's Top Biblical Creation

Speaker, Russ Miller, Founder of Creation

Evolution, and Science Ministries.



Enjoy a Bible-based, one day, Grand Canyon Rim Tour!


OK, you're likely thinking,

"Been to Grand Canyon: Big hole in the ground."


But we bet no one pointed out the original Creation rock to you; or where the flood layers lie on top the Creation rock; or that rock layers a mile deep have been removed from above the Canyon's

rim all the way to the sea!


Russ has led thousands of people on Grand Canyon tours to reveal:

a) an eye-opening view of the region; and

b) the relevance and authority of God’s Word.


The trip includes lunch, snacks, bottled water, and your entry fee into the Grand Canyon

National Park.

Lunch consists of sub sandwiches,

potato chips, cookies, and water.

We will be traveling on a luxury coach bus complete with DVD screens, large viewing windows, and an on-board restroom. (Russ Miller's DVDs will be shown during the trip).

The first stop on the trip will be Desert View Point where we will stop for lunch and have an on-the-rim talk by Russ.

From Desert View Point, it's on to Mather Point where you will be able to take in the spectacular views of the Canyon and get some more teachings from Russ. Russ will point out original Creation rock, where the judgment (Flood) layers start, and the "Grand Staircase" geological formation - all undeniable proofs of the BIBLICAL Global Flood.

Finally, it's off to Bright Angle Lodge where you will have a bit of free time to explore the lodge, take in the views, get some great pictures, and maybe enjoy some ice cream at the old fashion ice cream shop at the lodge. During the free time portion, those who choose to can join Russ on a short hike along the rim where he will point out some Grand Canyon features & answer questions.

The bus will depart at 8:00 AM on Sat., Nov. 2nd, from the parking lot in front of the Walmart on the corner of Prescott Lakes Parkway and Hwy. 69. 

We will be returning at 7:30 PM the same day



and $80 FOR KIDS UNDER 19.

(Most secular tours are $150 and up)!


For more info, or to sign up, call David McNabb

at 928-771-1218 or e-mail

(Note: This tour is organized by David McNabb. NOT Masters Touch Tours.

We are, however, chartering a bus from Masters Touch. Do not contact Masters Touch directly for information on the trip or to

book your reservation).

"Your command of the scriptures and knowledge of science behind the flood changed my view about the importance of man's fall and its impact on the world. The understanding you provide on your awesome tour is life changing!" - Pastor Hurst (former Gap Theorist)


Russ Miller